Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve and Jeffery Harrison Visitor Centre

A pioneering nature reserve which has a roughly equal proportions of water and land. It includes five lakes and a mixed habitat of ponds, seasonal flooded pools, reedbed and woodlands.
It is a spectacular site for birds, but the reserve's wetland and woodland habitats also support a diverse community of plants, fungi and other animals. So far well over two thousand species have been identified and more are regularly being added to the list.
The visitor centre houses displays illustrating the prehistory and history of the site, the creation of the reserve, its habitats and the wildlife that they support. There are touch tables where visitors can handle all sorts of 'treasures' including birds nests, feathers and thirty thousand year old mammoth teeth.
The gift shop sells nature books, bird food and feeders and there is a small tea bar.
Throughout August and September the Sevenoaks Town Partnership have organised a vintage route master bus which travels to and from Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

  • Currently: Sunny intervals, 21° C
  • Wednesday: Sunny intervals, 21° C
  • Thursday: Light rain shower, 19° C